Locating netCDF library

DART uses the netCDF self-describing data format for storing the results of assimilation experiments. These files have the extension .nc and can be read by a number of standard data analysis tools. In particular, DART also makes use of the F90 netCDF interface which is available through the netcdf.mod and typesizes.mod modules and the libnetcdf library. Depending on the version, the libnetcdff library is also often required.

If the netCDF library does not exist on your system, you must build it (as well as the F90 interface modules).


You must build netCDF with the same compiler (including version) you plan to use for compiling DART. In practice this means that even if you have a netCDF distribution on your system, you may need to recompile netCDF in a separate location to match the compiler you will use for DART. The library and instructions for building the library or installing from a package manager may be found at the netCDF home page.


The normal location for the netCDF Fortran modules and libraries would be in the include and lib subdirectories of the netCDF installation. However, different compilers or package managers sometimes place the modules and/or libraries into non-standard locations. It is required that both modules and the libraries be present.


The location of the netCDF library, libnetcdf.a, and the locations of both netcdf.mod and typesizes.mod will be needed later. Depending on the version of netCDF and the build options selected, the Fortran interface routines may be in a separate library named libnetcdff.a (note the two F’s). In this case both libraries are required to build executables.